Gary Cohn removed them from Lou Bega’s desk in the interest of national security.

They are strewn throughout the universe. Whoever possesses them wields unimaginable power.

Collecting all the Mambos will be the plot of the 4th Avengers film.

Lou Bega destroyed them, as the mix of women was incorrect until the fifth. The first had far too much Sandra in the Sun. The second was almost exclusively Mary All Night Long. The third focused solely on “Francis My Hot Aunt,” who was ultimately cut altogether. The fourth lacked any Tina, which as the fifth reveals, was really all he needed.

They are hiding in plain sight. For example, “Mambo No. 2” is known to us as “Party in the USA.” Mambo No. 4? “Here I Am Lord.”

What other four mambos?

On Shkreli’s Wu-Tang album

They’re hidden somewhere nobody would ever look—episodes of the USA Network original series Necessary Roughness.

Ronan Farrow is sitting on them until Bega runs for public office.

— A. Chase