Ever since I met you, I’ve started to see people wearing masks

(Joker snaps in agreement.)

At first it was uncomfortable, that they always had something
But then I realized
It’s because we’re all too afraid to see
The truth

(Loki shouts “PREACH!”)

The first time you beat me
I swore I’d let the sting of real loss linger in my mouth for all
of about two seconds
Before resolving that you’d never get the satisfaction of victory
Do you know how hard it is to smile and smile and still be a

(Luthor loses his place as he starts to tear up. General
villainous snapping. Dr. Octopus shouts, “Don’t be

They call me evil because they’ve run out of things to call you
And people need labels like you need a lesson

(The villains erupt in shouting. Mephisto gets so excited he
accidentally self-immolates.)

Kryptonite is not the only thing that brings me down
Sometimes we’re vulnerable in more ways than just one

(Bane snaps solitarily.)

In more ways than we ever thought we could be
Because for a man with such big muscles,
You’re the weakest person I’ve ever met

(General villainous snapping. Catwoman accidentally
breaks a claw.)

“Super” is a relative term

(Syndrome snaps while screaming, “Mmmhmm!”)

I’ve never been compared to a bird or a plane
But you bet I can fly
Higher than you ever will
Not held down by capes and dreams of being a savior just
Being saved from myself
Because haven’t you ever heard, Clark,
That every little boy needs his hero?

—E. Wachs