-An overdue library book with a late fee of 20 doubloons.

-19 doubloons

-10,000 notes home to Mr. and Mrs. Jones urging them to tell their son to stop sinking ships and taking the souls of lost sailors

-A picture of Davy Jones’s algebra teacher with a heart drawn around it

-A restraining order from Davy Jones’s algebra teacher

-A discarded piece of paper with the lyrics to a love song about Davy Jones by the Counting Crows

-A whimsically adventurous sea sponge and a mentally deficient starfish

-Old, old, old, old, old Spice

Treasure, a CD with the hit single by Bruno Mars

-A single, sad, 1000-year-old contraceptive

-A Game Boy Color

-An embarrassingly extensive collection of CDs from the band Sirens, which, let’s face it, hasn’t been cool for millennia

-The souls of thousands of God-fearing, good men, doomed to an eternity of crushing stillness at the bottom of the sea

-Sweaty gym socks

—J. Bentley and C. Rudeen