1. Love Machine (I Can’t Stop Loving You)
  2. Mr. Kissing
  3. The River Is A River Of Love
  4. My Crush’s Crush Is Me
  5. Girl Meets Boy
  6. Just Like Before
  7. Don’t Tell Me You Don’t Love Me Like I Love You (feat. Major Lovin’)
  8. Lover’s Interlude
  9. The Blushing Gentleman
  10. It’s Just That Kind Of Night (A Night For Loving)
  11. How I Feel When We Kiss
  12. The Two Lovers
  13. Cutie Patrol, Operation You
  14. Love Is Like A Pizza (And You’re The Topping, Girl)
  15. Is That Cuddling I Hear?
  16. Tuba For Two
  17. My Crush’s Crush Is Me (Remix)
  18. Boy Meets Girl
  19. Baby, Let’s Lock Lips
  20. Love Is On The Menu Tonight (And It’s All For You Baby)
  21. The Four Lovers
  22. Who Are You?
  23. The Biggest Heart In All Of Paris
  24. I Only Have One Heart To Give (And It’s All For You Baby) (feat. Major Lovin’)
  25. Bedroom Blues

— J. Wickline