rico nasty
rico take a shower
rico use that nice soap
you know the one with the nice almond smell
yeah exactly that one
rico no longer nasty
rico clean

reaganomics keep my wallet — and my dick fat
reaganomics trickle down — yeah i did that
reaganomics so juicy — make me quick cash
reaganomics systematically disenfranchises minorities to better demonize them — yeah

baby nut
is that when
is that when you—
no don’t say it
baby nut is that when you n—
no don’t say it please
baby nut is that when you

Dost thou search for thee?
In the heart of the club, I am.
My flask brims Bub.
Mother, if thou enjoy medicinal remedy,
know I possess that which we call X.
I’m into having sex, I ain’t into making love,
so come give me a hug if you into getting rub.

In Russian
We do not say I love you
We say
Я не открыла урок флирта на дуолинго
Which is to say
I haven’t unlocked the flirting lesson on Duolingo
And somehow
It’s just as beautiful

I speak for the oaks,
I speak for the ash,
I spoke to your mom,
She paid me in cash

roses are red
blue men are blue
I am bald
can I be in blue man group too?

big ass
big bones
big toes
big teeth
you know who it is
mr. meat