There is a gargoyle in Harkness Tower. He is a creature of living stone. When the sun sets, he gains a horrific life. His gnarled claws wrench free from the stonework. His stony eyes glimmer with an alien intelligence. Gargoyles have enormous batlike wings, and when the wind is right they can soar through the night sky. This gargoyle cannot fly. He never really learned because his parents were demolished to make room for anti-suicide grates on the windows. Every night he leaps from the Harkness spire, and every night he plummets like the rock he is. But gargoyles are tough, and this gargoyle can climb. Up and down, up and down, the gargoyle makes his journey.

There is a gargoyle in Harkness Tower. He feeds on pigeons, but he can’t really catch them because they are small and fast, and he is big and slow and made of stone. Realistically, he catches one a month, and when he does he doesn’t really know what to do with the thing, so he just kind of waits for it to die naturally. This usually takes a week and a half, and most of those pigeons escape because they are small and fast, and he is big and slow and made of stone. He usually only manages to eat one a year, so he’s really hungry all the time. 

There is a gargoyle in Harkness Tower. Every time the carillon bells ring he is filled with fear. He does not know what those sounds are. He still hasn’t figured it out, but his best guess is that God is mad at him. His vision of God is a really big gargoyle who can fly and catch pigeons easily. The God of Gargoyles loves all its children, even those who are slow and dumb and hungry. Every time the bells ring, the gargoyle screams and screams. Sometimes he falls off the tower.

There is a gargoyle in Harkness Tower. His name is Gurvl’ak, which is Gargoyle for “tiny sinner.” He believes he is the last of his kind. He’s wrong. There are other gargoyles in Milford, but they don’t visit because Gurvl’ak is such a fucking bummer. The gargoyle spends his days mourning the loss of his brethren. If he could drive a car he could find other gargoyles easily, but he cannot drive a car. He is a gargoyle. 

There is a gargoyle in Harkness Tower. His only friends are statues, and those cannot move or fly or talk because they are not gargoyles. At night, the gargoyle looks up at the stars and cries granite tears. He dreams of a different life, where pigeons are slow and the ground doesn’t hurt so much. He dreams of taller towers, realer friends, and maybe even a lady gargoyle to love and to be loved by. He dreams so hard that he thrashes around with glee. The beautiful future in his mind feels so real he can almost touch it. He reaches out towards it, closer and closer. Then he falls off the tower. 

J. Wickline